Courage, perceptiveness, creativity and inquisitiveness - those working in the aviation industry need to have all these traits

If you have graduated from school or university and don’t know what career path to choose, this website will help you with that.

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We have prepared a platform that will guide you, clear things up a bit and show you the potential directions of your career development.

Steps to follow to identify careers you may be interested in:


Select an area of the airport you find interesting by ticking on the list or hovering over a building.


You will see a list of professions working in that area.


Click on a profession that you think may be interesting and a panel with career details will be displayed


In the next step, you can find out about the responsibilities the job involves, the path to start working in this career, employment opportunities, pay, as well as soft and hard skills and qualities you need to have

This platform is your one-stop shop for:

67 aviation-related careers
inspiring career paths
places involved in non-formal aviation education
... and many more

We invite children, young people, students and adults, including teachers and career counsellors to step into the exciting world of aviation!

This is where you can find inspiration to make your airport or on-board career to take off!

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